Tips on How to Choose Universal Docking Station for Laptops

Source: UtechSmart    Author: UtechSmart    Posted on 23/12/2022
We are always on a spree to make our digital life more productive than ever. That's why we buy the best gadgets to simplify our lives. When we go out in the market buying laptop or desktop, we become extra choosy. We browse through a thousand reviews, after which we make the final decision. Despite reviewing every model, yet our machines may fall short of features. Some might have a small display, while some may have a minimum count of ports.

On such occasions, you crave extra functionality, and that’s when a docking station is resourceful. The universal docking station for laptops helps plug multiple accessories and opens a whole new horizon of benefits.

Through this blog, we are going to help you choose the best docking station. With this, we are going to highlight its benefits too. So, let’s get started!

Benefits of using universal docking station for laptops

Offers you extra ports
Lately, laptops have limited ports. And constant plugging and unplugging of devices may hammer them. Instead of damaging their functionality, isn't it best to have a docking station by your side? With the best docking station for laptops, explore the prowess of Thunderbolt™ 3, USB 3.0, 4K resolution support, Gigabit Ethernet port, and so much more.

Use multiple devices at once
With an assortment of so many ports, seamless integration of multiple devices is easy. You may connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, Ethernet cable, and so much more. Many universal docking stations for laptops have slots for Micro SD and SD cards, which helps transfer your photos into it.

Mobility between home and office
Whenever you carry your laptop from the office to home, there's no need to unplug all the devices every single time. If they are attached to the docking station, then let the docking station and peripherals stay connected! Simply disconnect your laptop and head home. As soon as you arrive in the office, attach the laptop to the docking station, and you are good to go!

Extra display
If your eyes are tired of watching the small screen of the laptop? Then you can easily attach an external monitor with the help of a docking station. Several docking stations support 4K, HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA resolution support. Furthermore, some allow connecting more than two monitors for added efficiency.

Compact design
Most of the universal docking station for laptops is compact and easy to carry. They are portable while traveling. Therefore, you can slip them in your pocket or easily accommodate in bag or small places. Their compact design makes them immensely handy!

Mess-free workspace
A docking station connects all the peripherals at once and saves you from the menace of wires. It helps in maintaining a clean and tidy workspace where in tangling of wires is at bay.

So, now you know the reasons for using a universal docking station for laptops. Now we are going to help you with pointers while choosing a docking station. So, let’s see what they are!

How to choose the best universal docking station for laptop?
(i) Complementing with your requirements
You will find an array of universal docking stations for a laptop but look for a device that complies with your requirement. First, you need to ask yourself that do you need those extra ports. If yes, then keep a count of peripherals you are going to need for your laptop. And lastly, determine where you want to use this dock.
Most importantly, you are going to keep changing your laptop. So, choose a dock that complies with prominent operating systems.
(ii) Check the connectors
Check the ports of your laptop before buying the docking station. Are you going to connect it to a USB-C™ port or with standard USB ports? Besides, if you are choosing a USB-C™ port, then confirm what type of port it is? Does it support a flash drive or external display? These pointers are imperative when selecting the universal docking station for a laptop.
(iii) Easy deployment
We invest heaps of money and realize that the universal docking station for laptops needs drivers to proceed. It could kill expectations because every time you attach the dock to a new laptop, you will have to run through the drivers. It is time-consuming and frustrating at times. So, choose a docking station that bypasses these steps. Preferably go for the ones that support the 'plug and play' feature.
(iv) Have future-proof docks
When it comes to digitalization, upgrades are obstinate. The same policy follows for the docking station, wherein it undergoes various upgrades. USB ports and display standards are evolving. If you are using an older version, then it might not work on the new machines . Thus, becoming a useless investment together. So, choose a universal docking station for a laptop that abides with the latest technology like USB-C™ or even Thunderbolt™ 3. It will save you from extra investment as well as safeguard your future requirements  … .
(v) Ascertain display count and resolution
Some software professionals need two external displays, while gaming professionals might need three. Ascertain the perfect count and check if the docking station supports those many displays. Also, verify whether they support compatible display technology like 4K, HDMI, VGA
( vi ) Power-packed dock
Most of the universal docking stations for laptops have a USB-C™ PD charging port. This port helps to power the laptop. But some high-end laptops need more power, like – 87W or more. And if your docking station supports 60W, then it does no good to the high-end laptops. That's why compare your power requirements and then take the final call.
( vii ) Placement of the dock
After desk arrangements, did you confirm that whether the dock fits into that arrangement? Several docks have to be kept in a certain way with some ports at the back and some in the front. And the trickiest situation may occur if the laptop's matching port is on the opposite side of the dock's port. With this, all your arrangements go for a toss! So, read the specifications of the universal docking station for the laptop beforehand. Verify whether the configuration works with your machine.
(viii) Right cables
Your dock has an HDMI port, and so does your laptop. But do you have the connecting cable to integrate both these devices? Unless and until you don't have proper cables by your side, you won't be able to explore the functionalities of the universal docking station for the laptop. So, check the ports and have cables beforehand!

Now you are aware of all the pointers while choosing the best docking station. Therefore, as a pioneer of the docking station, we are listing some of our best creations.

UtechSmart’s best collection of universal docking stations for laptop:
• USB C Travel Dock UCN3612 (SST, 10 in 1)
If you are a travel aficionado, then USB-C Enhanced Travel Docking Station (UCN3612) is apt for you. With Thunderbolt 3 port compatibility, UCN3612 adds a wide variety of ports to your USB-C enabled computers such as HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, SD/Micro SD card slots, USB-C PD charging, 2* USB 3.0 ports, and 2* USB2.0 ports.

• USB C Dual HDMI Adapter UCN3303-1 (Dual HDMIs, 4 in 1)

UCN3303-1 is a blessing when adding an extra display. This Thunderbolt 3 port compatible device boasts two notable HDMI ports for display. Alongside this, 1* USB 3.0 ports, and USB-C PD charging ports.

• USB C Triple Display Docking Station UCN3270 (Triple Displays, 11 in 1)

UtechSmart's star performer USB-C Professional Docking Station with 100W Charging (UCN3270) is meant for the betterment of professionals. Along with Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, it allows adding three displays, 2* USB 3.0 ports, 2* USB 2.0 ports, a USB- C PD charging port, SD/Micro SD card slots, and a 1000M Gigabit Ethernet port to Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C enabled laptop.

• USB C Quadruple Display Docking Station UCN3270-2 (Quadruple Displays, DisplayLink, 12 in 1)

Many laptops like MacBook Pro have USB-C ports, but it isn't enough. One may need other ports, like MST display, Ethernet, USB ports for extra functionality. That's when you must choose UCN3270-2 for added competence. With Thunderbolt 3 compatibility, UCN3270-2 flaunts two HDMI ports, 1* VGA, 2* USB 3.0 ports, 2* USB 2.0 ports, USB-C PD charging, 1000M Gigabit LAN port, 1* USB-C Data transfer port, and SD/ Micro SD card slots.

• Thunderbolt 4 Docking Station T4802 (Thunderbolt 4 Technology, DisplayLink, Quintuple Displays, 16 in 1)

If you want to deck your workspace with style, then T4802 should be your ultimate choice. Not only alluring look is dashing, but its functionality overpowers everything. T4803 comes with three Thunderbolt 4 ports for display or 40Gbps data transfer, 1* HDMI, 1* DisplayPort, along with a USB-C port, USB-C port PD charging port, SD/Micro SD card slots, 2* USB 3.0 ports, 2* USB 2.0 ports, 1000M Gigabit Ethernet port, 3.5mm Audio & Microphone, and 120W DC Adapter included.

• Docking Station UCN3524-2 (SSD Enclosure, DisplayLink, Quadruple Displays, 15 in 1)

With additional workspaces, your productivity will be greatly enhanced. UCN3524-2 is equipped with both a USB C TO USB C cord and a USB A TO USB C cord for your device in order to support Full Quad display on a wide range of macOS & Windows laptops. Incredibly, it can bypass the single display output limit of macOS and is even compatible with laptops that only have USB A ports. It can solve the common problem of one black screen or no MST function.

Unravel the best bunch of universal docking stations for laptops from UtechSmart.

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