Gaming Mouse Pad XL

  • Large and Entended Size: This XL gaming mouse pad measures 31.5 x 11.8 x 0.12 inches (800 x 300 x 3mm), which fits your table size and moves the mouse smoothly in the ideal space. For gamers who use lower dpi or want a larger mouse pad area, the XXL size is the winning choice, and this size fits small to medium sized table layouts.

  • Super smooth surface: This XL gaming mouse pad is made of microfiber woven material, which can accurately convert every mouse movement into cursor movement, high warp density makes your mouse glide easily on the mouse pad, and there is no extra logo to affect your play, so you can enjoy fast and smooth gliding, thus improving work efficiency and gaming experience.

  • Natural Rubber Base: The gaming mouse pad base is made of natural rubber to prevent the mouse pad from moving and has full anti-slip capability. Just immerse yourself in your work or game without worrying about the annoying mouse pad movement. Even if the game arm movements are extremely intense, a solid mouse pad will ensure that you can smoothly deliver the winning blow, which is important for competitive games.

  • Waterproof coating: Effectively prevents damage to the surface of the gaming mouse pad caused by spilled liquids. When liquid is spilled on the mouse pad, it forms droplets and slides off. Easy to clean and won't delay your work or play. You no longer have to be afraid of your drink or coffee seeping into your mouse pad, and hand sweat and dust can be cleaned more easily. Convenient and fast.

  • Highly durable design: The gaming mouse pad is designed with high stretch silk precision locking edges to avoid loose threads on the cloth. 360° all-around protection with wear-resistant edges prevents surface peeling. No longer have to worry about the mouse pad can not be flat, by carefully designed, sewing edge completely surround the mouse pad has reached the most suitable length, and will not scratch your wrist and arm.

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Product Description


Package Dimensions
13.3 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches
Item Weight
1.04 pounds
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It is a lycra/nylon type fabric on the front and backed with rubber.
0.12 inches(3mm)
Try rolling it up the opposite way it came and warm it with a hair dryer. Or just leave it rolled for a few days. It should flatten out.

RGB Light

MMO Buttons

Battery Life

Up to 70 Hours

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